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For history buffs, downtown San Leandro offers two museums that give visitors an insight into the history of the Bay Area. Other images are from the San Francisco Museum of Natural History and the Alameda County Historical Society.

It is also inhabited and maintained by the San Leandro Natural History Museum and the Alameda Historical Society. It also maintains a collection of photographs from the history of the Bay Area and the city of SanLeandro itself. This is the site of a historic site in the heart of the city centre, on the edge of what was formerly San Leandro's Marina. It also houses a photo gallery with photos from the bay and from around the world.

AC Transit is the local bus operator for the city, and San Leandro LINKS offers a free bus shuttle service. AC Transit is a local bus operator in cities, but SanLeandro is connected to the public bus service, the Sanleandro LinkS, which offers free buses and shuttle services.

San Leandro is served by Interstate 880, 580 and 238, which connect it to other parts of the Bay Area. Other highways include Interstate 238, which starts at Interstate 580 at the San Francisco Bay Bridge and takes the first exit into SanLeandro. Public transportation is provided through the city's Bayfair Station, served by BART, Caltrain, BART Rapid Transit and Sanleandro LinkS from BART. Bay Fair Station in Alameda County, California, also offers a free bus shuttle service to and from BART Station in Oakland, California, and Oakland - Contra Costa County Transit Authority (BART) provides public transportation through the Oakland City's East Bay Transit District (BART), which connects the cities of San Leardo, San Jose, Oakland and San Mateo County with the BART and CalTrain stations in Santa Clara County.

California State Route 112 is Davis Street, which starts at Doolittle Drive and leads to Alameda before turning into California State Route 61. San Leandro is also home to the University of California, San Mateo County and San Francisco State University.

After California became US territory in 1848 and gold prospectors arrived in San Francisco soon after, the Americans began building Rancho San Leandro. Many who did not succeed in the goldfields soon moved to the Bay Area and settled in and around SanLeandro. Formerly known as San Leandro South, it is one of the oldest cities in California with a population of about 1,000 people. In 1851, two years after the discovery of the area, Sanleandro was incorporated as a town under the name of Santa Clara.

To expand the settlements and strengthen their claims in the Bay Area, the Spaniards gave retired Spanish soldiers Don Jose Joaquin Estudillo received a 43,000-acre country scholarship, which he called Rancho San Antonio. The rancho was given to him in 1842 and comprised almost 7,500 hectares of land occupied by the Ohlones. In response to the gold discoveries in San Leandro and other parts of the Bay of San Francisco in 1843, they granted him another 43,000 hectares of land.

Guillermo Castro was given Rancho San Lorenzo, which included nearly 7,500 acres of land in San Leandro and other parts of San Francisco and San Jose.

San Leandro is served by Interstates 880, 580 and 238, which connect other parts of the Bay Area. Both highways are located in SanLeandro, so it is easy to reach by car and accessible by BART bus. It is also close to the Amtrak train station in Oakland, as well as San Francisco International Airport and BART station in Oakland.

Most East Bay residents know San Leandro as the outlet for the Marina Square Center, but the eastern neighbors don't have much to offer: They have a few restaurants, shops and a few bars as well as a grocery store. It feels like a small town, with the flat land and hills overlooking the bay. Beyond the freeways, downtown SanLeandro has much to see, taste and do: it is a village taken over by the San Francisco Bay Area Community College District (SFBCD) to build a city where everyone has a safe place to feel at home, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Marina is located within the San Leandro city limits, and San Lorenzo is united under the Bay Area Unified School District (BUSD) and the Alameda County Unified School District. SanLeandro High School is the only public high school in the East Bay with a full-time student body. It has its own library, gym, library and gym, as well as a library.

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