San Leandro California Embassy Suites Hotel

With the most popular restaurants, bars and entertainment venues in the San Francisco Bay Area nearby, travelers can make the most of their trip. The convenient location also provides guests with the perfect accommodation for college sports games, graduations and events. The performing arts center, Golden Gate Park, is located 15 miles from the Oakland hotel, making it the perfect location for concerts and other events, as well as concerts in downtown Oakland. San Jose State University and University of California , San Diego is just a short drive away.

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As someone who has stayed at this hotel before, I am sure others have told me that you have to stay at the best Western Inn in Hayward. I chose the Hayward Hotel because it is in the heart of downtown Hayward and offers many local amenities that I enjoy. Located just blocks from the San Francisco Bay Bridge and Freeway, your bed and breakfast offers great views of the Bay Area, great food and beverage options, great views of Hayward and San Jose, and many of our on-site amenities.

Our rooms offer guests a wealth of amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, private dining room and great views of the Bay Area. Many of our guests stayed in Oakland hotels, but not at the best Western Inn in Hayward or our bed and breakfast.

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More About San Leandro