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San Leandro is a quiet suburb located in the city center on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. It is easy to reach by car: Interstate 238, Interstate 580, I-5 and Interstate 680 are all in SanLeandro, as are Interstate 1. Other highways include Interstate 240, which begins at the intersection of Interstate 880 and San Jose Boulevard, with the first exit arriving at San Leandro and the other on Interstate Highway 101.

Heading west, take the exit at 164th Carolyn Street, and San Leandro is also bounded by San Jose Boulevard, Interstate 580, I-5 and Interstate 680. Exits for 580 in SanLeandro are Interstate Highway 101 at the intersection of Interstate 880 with downtown and Interstate 280 on San Francisco Boulevard.

The San Leandro Museum of Natural History, San Jose, California is located at the intersection of San Francisco Boulevard and Interstate 580 in SanLeandro.

San Leandro is accessible by BART bus and is located near the Oakland Amtrak station, which connects to the Bay Area cities. The LEFT connects parts of the city with San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa and San Mateo counties.

Be sure to visit the breathtaking 360-degree views of San Leandro BART Station and the city center. The great and fascinating is great, fascinating and full of history, art, architecture, history and art history.

Forget membership in one of the two museums for a discount or free admission to the other. This program can give you access to programs aimed at memberships and families who travel to grandma's house or visit a zoo or children's museum here and there. The San Leandro Museum of Natural History has organised a free day for children and adults as part of its annual "Museum Day."

The recognised benefits of the museum include free admission to the San Leandro Natural History Museum, free parking and free admission to all other museums in the city. Enjoy a day off at one of these museums for children and adults, or catch up with friends and family members from other museums and enjoy free admission to their events.

Get free or low-cost health insurance through the San Leandro Health and Human Resources Department, the city's public health department. Learn more about assisted living and the available support programs.

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2018 data, California outperforms all major California cities surveyed in the cost of care for seniors and the disabled at home. However, care homes and nursing homes in San Leandro are significantly more expensive than in other major cities in the state of California.

San Leandro is relatively affordable by Bay Area standards, though median home prices are still well above the national average. We used the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's National Home Price Index to compare costs. Please note that no cost information is available for San Le Palo Alto, so we use data from the nearest city of San Francisco. Information about SanLeandro was not available and we used the cost of this settlement for the counties of San Jose, Oakland, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz.

East 14th Street leads non-freeway traffic to Oakland and Hayward, and Doolittle Drive leads to Alameda. California State Route 185 runs east on Davis Street, which begins at the intersection of Davis Avenue and turns east of San Leandro BART Station into California State Route 61. On the other hand, California's 112 state road is heading west on Davis Road west of SanLeandro's BART station, just before it ends up at Oakland's Oakland International Airport.

For history buffs, downtown San Leandro offers two museums that give visitors an insight into the history of the Bay Area. With the plains and hills overlooking the bay, it feels like a small town, but it doesn't have as much to offer as its eastern neighbors, and they don't have much to offer. Its central location could make it a great destination for visitors to the history and culture of the Bay Area. Its eastern neighbor has its own museum, the Alameda County Museum of Art, which is worth a visit for every visitor.

The Oakland History Room features books, excerpts and photographs documenting California history, with a focus on the East Bay. There are artifacts from cities and counties, census of counties from the 1860s to the 1920s (including other parts of California), and other interesting things to see. The history museum is in the tradition of the history museums in San Leandro and San Francisco, as well as other Bay Area cities. This special collection contains a variety of artifacts, such as photos of the history of the city and the county, maps and maps of the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa, and the history of the county.

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More About San Leandro